Adatkezelési nyilatkozat

This Privacy Statement is effective as of 25. May 2018.

At Limousine Service Hungary, we are aware of the importance of protecting your personal information and we are responsible for processing them in accordance with applicable legislation.

This Statement of Privacy describes the general privacy practices of Limousine Service Hungary concerning the collected, used and published personal data of our customers, business partners, suppliers and other persons belonging to organizations that are currently or possibly will be in business with us in the future.

The purpose and the way of collecting and using personal data

We may collect personal information about you as an individual for different purposes:

  • Access and use of our sites and other online services
When signing up to our sites or using online services, we may record the information necessary to ensure access, security and legal compliance with the site and the associated safety and legal requirements.

  • Processing information requests and reservations

When contacting us with a request for information or ordering a service, we record the information necessary to complete the request, to access the service and to contact you. For example, we'll record your name and contact information, upon your request, and in agreement with you regarding your order fulfillment and billing details. We retain these data for administrative purposes, for the protection of our rights and for keeping in touch with you. When you provide your name and contact information when registering for such requests, registration may serve to identify you when visiting our website.

  • Access existing and potential customers, partners, and employees

Current and potential customers and partners provide us with business contact information (for example the business contact details, positions and addresses of their employees, their agents, business partners) with our contract management, provision, service support, billing, and service or contact management purposes.

  • Taking note of data management with registration.

As a user of our website, you acknowledge and expressly consent to the processing of your personal information during registration.

  • Marketing

Most of your data we collect comes from direct interactions with you. We combine collected personal information to develop an integrated analysis and business intelligence for our business and marketing purposes. You can choose to email us for information on our services or subscribe to our newsletters. Visit us on our websites or use our services to provide you with personalized information. You can opt-out of personalized communication at any time by sending an email to

Where we indicate that your personal information is used in connection with requests, orders, deals or arrangements (or preparation of these) or the provision of the services you require, we do so because this is necessary to fulfill the agreement between you and us.

Where we indicate that your personal information is used for compliance with our marketing, improvement, or development purposes, security and defense purposes or regulatory requirements and not with any agreement or any claim you have with us, this for protection of our own rights and with your consent. If your personal information is collected and used under the EU Privacy Policy, it may affect your rights.

Sharing of personal information

Limousine Service Hungary, a global organization with cross-border business processes offering a wide range of services, has subcontracting networks across the globe. As a global company, we may share your information with our worldwide subcontractors in accordance with this Privacy Statement and forward it to other countries of the world where our company operates within this framework. Only subcontractors controlled by Limousine Service Hungary will have access to the personal data necessary for the given access objectives based on the knowledge required. If necessary, you can share Limousines Service Hungary's personal information with your selected partners to help us or the company you are working for to provide services to fulfill your requests or with your consent. When selecting our suppliers and partners, their data management processes are also taken into consideration.

Be aware that in some cases we also need to disclose personal information in legal proceedings. In addition, we may share your personal information to protect Limousine Service Hungary, its business partners, subcontracting rights or property if we reasonably believe that it may or may be affected by such rights or property.

International forwarding

The international dimension of Limousine Service Hungary involves the transfer of personal data between different subcontractors, we strive to provide the required, but minimal, amount of data. Restrictions on the transfer of personal data have been introduced in some countries for which LIMOUSINE SERVICE HUNGARY applies various measures:

Where applicable, LIMOUSINE SERVICE HUNGARY applies the terms and conditions agreed by the European Commission and similar contractual terms in other jurisdictions. These also apply to data transfers to suppliers and other external parties. You may request a copy of the EU Terms of Service here.

Security and accuracy of data

Our goal is to protect your personal identification data and maintain their accuracy. Limousine Service Hungary uses the appropriate physical, administrative and technical protection to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, use, and communication. We also require our subcontractors to protect personal information against unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

Retention time

Personal data is not kept longer than the time required for the purposes of data management, including compliance with our data management, regulatory compliance (eg audit, accounting and statutory retention periods), dispute resolution, and legal bases, enforce, or protect.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us at Your message will be answered by the relevant members of the Limousine Service Hungary Privacy Team.

For the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the personal data manager is Limousine Service Hungary, unless otherwise stated.

Your rights

You may request to view, update, or correct your personal information. You also have the right to disable direct marketing activities. The blocking process can be started on a resignation interface in a newsletter and an information leaflet sent to you via the direct marketing campaign.

Right to Complaint 

If you believe that we did not comply with applicable privacy laws when handling your personal information, you may file a complaint directly at Limousine Service Hungary at